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Spending a season living and working in the Canadian Rockies is an excellent opportunity to bring out the inner-adventurer in you. There are a variety of outdoor activities available throughout each season including hiking, biking, rock climbing, yoga, camping, skiing and snowboarding, that our staff enjoy every year.

The Columbia Icefield is a special place. For many visitors to Canada's Rocky Mountain National Parks, a trip to the Icefield is long remembered as a highlight of their holidays. Since we have a unique opportunity to show visitors from around the globe our spectacular landscape and to interpret the natural and human history of the area, our guests must be provided with the utmost in friendly and professional service.

It is for this reason that we recruit as high a caliber of staff as possible and have policies in place to ensure that we are able to serve our international clientele in a highly professional manner. All staff members are issued uniforms and given appearance guidelines in order to ensure a consistent and professional image to the public.

The Icefield is a seasonal operation, running seven days a week from mid-April to mid-October. Normal operating hours during our peak months are from 9:00am to 6:00pm. The Glacier Adventure attracts over half a million guests during a normal season. The Icefield also operates a 32 room hotel that is located on the 3rd floor of the Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre. The Inn is staffed 24 hours a day to serve the needs of our guests.

Bonus incentive plans are provided for staff members. Upon successful completion of his or her contract, each employee is eligible for a performance bonus, based entirely on his or her individual performance throughout the season. The performance bonus is up to a maximum of $1.00 per hour for every regular hour worked during the season.

The Columbia Icefield Glacier Discovery Centre and staff camp are at an elevation of 2,000m (6,500ft) above sea level and are located right next to the largest body of ice south of the Arctic Circle. Both of these factors have an enormous impact on our local weather and it's normal to get snow at least one day of every month of the year, so pack accordingly! Throughout most of the summer, the weather is quite nice with sunny, warm days and cool nights.

The nearest town to the Columbia Icefield is Jasper at 108 km to the north, so all staff are provided with accommodations in our "Ice Palace".

Staff may take the "Happy Bus" which goes to Jasper at least once every two weeks for an evening on the town. For many people this is a chance to get out of camp and socialize with others, or it can just be that you want a chance to get some shopping done. Events such as costume parties, Christmas in July, and the regular "isn't it time we have another event" party are also sponsored and organized by the staff for everyone's enjoyment and entertainment.

A variety of activities are available throughout the season. Backcountry skiing and snowboarding, ice and rock climbing, hiking, running, canoeing, biking, and sometimes just relaxing on the deck are all activities that our staff enjoy every year.

As a community, Banff has every service to offer - a movie theater, grocery stores, recreation facilities, shopping, restaurants, bars, and pizza delivery! Favourite gathering spots are Central Park, Bow Falls and a few other places for you to discover on your own.

Canada Day celebrations in Banff are among the best in the country - not to be missed. And once those are finished, the Calgary Stampede is a favourite attraction for everyone.

Banff's local weather can be quite unpredictable - it's normal to get snow at least one day of every month of the year, so pack accordingly! Throughout most of the summer, the weather is quite nice with sunny, warm days and cool nights.


Spending a summer working in Banff is an excellent opportunity to discover the Canadian Rockies through hiking, biking, climbing, canoeing, camping or just being outdoors. There are literally hundreds of trails to discover for people of all fitness levels and abilities. The views of the mountains around Banff are spectacular and can be enjoyed in many ways.

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